The story of

Faith in Creativity

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Have the creative idea!

The story begins in 2012, when we had a big dream to make something unique and beautiful for stages – a new fixture.

The idea was to create decorative fixture, very useful on stage and with wide applications. It had to be powerful, beautiful and easy to assembly and disassembly.

First drawings were hopeful, but it was only paper.

Keep the idea alive!

Two guys from the New Port district in Gdańsk, Poland started to cut, bend and weld metal in their garage to have something similar like on paper.

Beginnings weren’t so easy but gave a lot of fun and positive energy.

Finally, thanks to help from others, first prototype was ready… and even was shining

Aim for perfection!

In 2013 and 2014 many more prototype units were tested from every side. The product had to be perfect.

At the same time the name was created (Man from the Port -> Portman) and the first logo was made. Such additional things were giving a new hope in striving for perfection.

Be prepared for criticism!

In 2015 ten prototypes of P1 retro lamps started to act in first gigs and even tv shows. We wanted to test them in real conditions and the worse they were, the better for the whole project. We also wanted feedback from professionals.

Creativity has to be on every field!

Spring in 2016 brought the final prototype of the P1 retro lamp. Product was ready, we… not.

Focused on the product we weren’t prepared for starting the business. There was a lot of questions: How to start? How to get money for start? How to promote the unknown, totally new products? How to convince people that we have a good product? How to shine and be different on the market?

There was the only one answer – be creative, think different, produce quality products and people will trust you.

First promo movie, web page, brochures were ready. Then all of them awarded for creativity by PLSN and!

Believe in what you are doing!

After comparing hundreds of other existing web pages, promo movies, brochures we found our own style. We already knew that the product was good, but we didn’t test the marketing. We went big all or nothing.

It paid off, again! The whole industry believed us and trusted us as true and an honest team.

That was the beginning of Portman Lights in autumn 2016.

Newer loose the faith in the pursuit of creativity!

After 1,5 years we now have 3 products, hundreds of Clients who make beautiful events using our fixtures. 20 Distributors in 30 countries and lots of Friends worldwide keeping fingers crossed! Thanks to them, we never gave up.

This story of

big faith in creativity

doesn’t end here.

We promise to continue to create exciting fixtures that provides unique style and beauty

See you All at our booth G84, Hall 3.0
Prolight+Sound 2018 April 10-13